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A Journey through the New Testament

Transformed! immerses us in the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ. As we journey through the entire New Testament, we will discover God’s provision of salvation and eternal life through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God and Savior of the world. With fresh eyes, we’ll see how God is building His Kingdom—a realm of blessing, fulfillment, and relationship with Him. With renewed hearts, we’ll grasp more deeply God’s steadfast love for each of us, so wondrously demonstrated by His adoption of us as His children. As new creations, we will explore how God’s gift of the Holy Spirit enables us to live each day enjoying new purpose and relishing in new life in Jesus Christ. Truly, we are being Transformed!

Transformed! is the fourth study in our 4 semester journey through the Bible: Rescued! Embraced! Unleashed! Transformed! -- A Two Year Journey through the Story of God

This morning study is a video venue at the Brushy Creek Commons. Childcare is not available.


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Women's Bible Study Spring 2018 - Brushy Creek Campus

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  • Jan 25
    6:00 am
    Apr 26
    7:30 am